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I am beyond excited to add these to our shop! 


As you may know, the Little City team are huge fans of Claire from Play Hooray! and we followed her avidly throughout the various lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 as her home role play set ups were just amazing. After stalking her for a bit (!) we've bagged ourselves the opportunity to sell some of the Play Hooray! cards - and if you've not seen these then they're a must for parents in need of quick. simple ideas for play you can easily set up at home. 


These mini cards are wallet-sized, come in a little hand box and have prompts and ideas on how you can set up your own Post Office, Shoe Shop, Fire Station and much more all at home! So when you're not visiting Little City your pretend-play fan can still act out all these roles at home.


Pretend play is such an important way for children to learn and understand the world: role play at Little City and at home can help with their development, speech and turn taking and much much more.


These cards make an excellent little gift or stocking filler! 

Pretend Play Prompts from Play Hooray

  • Play Hooray!

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