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Little City Play Cafe


Safeguarding and Child Protection at Little City

The welfare of children is paramount in all the work we do and in all the decisions we take.

We believe that everyone involved with Little City has a responsibility to promote the welfare of all

children and young people, to keep them safe and to operate in a way that protects them. 

This is evidenced in full in our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies and Procedures document,

this is available to view by clicking the link below.

These are some questions you as a parent/carer may wish to ask any children’s activity provider, and these are the answers from the team here a Little City UK Ltd.

  • Do you have a complaints policy?
    Complaints Policy made available to parents – our policy is here
  • Who is the lead person responsible for safeguarding children at Little City?
    This information is included at the back of our Safeguarding Policy, of which every Little City branch holds a copy and tailors to their local authority. If we are operating in a school or pre-school, we ensure that we are familiar with and the site Safeguarding Policy and the safeguarding lead is known prior to the session.
  • What training have the Little City team had?
    All Little City team members have received Safeguarding training and this is updated every 3 years.
  • How recent was this training?
    Every team member must have an up-to-date training certificate, and this is renewed every 3 years.
  • Do you have a Child Protection Policy?
    Yes. The Information is included in our Safeguarding policy. Definition: SAFEGUARDING is to prevent harm – CHILD PROTECTION is how we respond to harm.
  • Who is in charge of First Aid at Little City?
    Every team member at Little City is Paediatric First Aid trained, and every team member must have an in-date Certificate. Every team member has to renew their First Aid certificate every 3 years. Every Little City keeps a First Aid kit with them at all events and if they are operating in a school/nursery, the details of the school First Aider is obtained.
  • As parents/carers do I need to complete a parental consent and emergency details form?
    Yes. As part of your booking, parents/carers complete consent and emergency details on the registration form
  • How do you securely store data about us and our children?
    All Franchisees should have up-to-date ICO (Data Protection) membership. All our customer information is held securely (via password) in our booking system and on email. No other person has access to the password or customer information outside of Little City. We regularly delete emails older than 6 months from our systems, unless needed for future hires. Customer data is inputted via the customer, and can be removed from their Customer Account at any time. Only individuals who subscribe to our mailing list via the Little City UK website will receive marketing emails, and the customer can remove their name from the mailing list at any time using the unsubscribe button. We do not and have not, share any information with any other business or individuals outside of Little City.
  • Who else has access to this information?
    Branch Franchisee owner, Vicki Fletcher (Little City UK Owner and Director) and Erika Fletcher (Admin)
  • Will you share this information with anyone?
    No other than the people named above
  • How do you recruit staff and volunteers?
    Through interviews, 2 x references and enhanced DBS checks
  • What checks they undertake to make sure staff and volunteers are suitable to work with children?
    DBS Enhanced police checks – this must be completed before operating and these are checked by Little City admin team members
  • What training have staff had?
    The Little City team are made up of individuals from various backgrounds and qualifications. The minimum training we expect our team members to have is: Safeguarding, First Aid, Data Protection. Many of our franchisees come from Early Years backgrounds, and have professional qualifications in teaching, and child development/child supervision.
  • Will any other adults will be present while my child is there, and if so, how regularly?
    Parents or Teachers (on school site) are always present.
  • How do you help children with special educational needs or disabilities?
    We pride ourselves on being a totally inclusive play space for all children. Specific sessions can be organised just for children with SEND and their families if required. All children can attend any session – Little City aims to be a totally inclusive event. Our online registration forms asks for parents to share with us any relevant information that may help us provide an inclusive service to all. Adaptations to our events will and can be made if appropriate should a parent indicate that a child may need extra provision at out event.
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