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The supermarket area of Little City mobile play centre showing toy food, trolleys and check out


The toys we buy for our cities are ones that we think not only look good, provide lots of wonderful play opportunities, but they are also are built to last.

All the items on this, our 'Shop the City' page are items that we've tried and tested across our branches: the kids love them, and we love them so much we want you to be able to take them home (and we know they're durable as they get a LOT of play at our sessions)!

We'll be adding more and more items to the list as and when we have them: but if there's something you love the look of at one of our events, let me know and I'll help you source it!

Whether it's a special treat or a gift for a friend, we're sure you'll like these items as much as us.

All toys are recommended for children aged 3+

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