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Little City was born from a small idea in our kitchen in 2017; from there it has grown organically with many new visitors to our PAYG sessions each week, sold out events are common and birthday party hire is regular and consistent. I am terribly proud of how our little company has grown. I love running all the events and the best bit is that I run the business around my own two little people. My ultimate aim was to spend more time with them (and less commuting as I was in a previous life), and with Little City I get to do just that. I can be creative, have built a great rapport with many regular customers and I love Little City because it offers something completely alternative to soft-play for many parents. 

Would you like to become part of the Little City crew? Would you like to work for yourself, choosing your own hours and offering something unique to local parents in your area? 

If so, get in touch: franchising opportunities are now available. As far as we know, Little City is unique; come and share in the fun whilst bringing your own creativity into the business. If you would like more information, get in touch by email

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