Child holding a toy mop and wearing a hi-vis jacket, playing at Little City mobile play centre
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We are delighted to welcome you back to enjoy role play with your littlies in the city.


There are of course, some adaptions we have put in place which will not only keep you and your little ones safe but even enhance the experience you’ve come to know and love.

We can't wait to see your faces:

  • As of the 27th January 2022, we request that you follow Government guidance regarding face coverings. As team members we will still continue to wear visors or masks to ensure our and your safety. The team will have spare disposable masks for your use, should you forget to bring yours and wish to wear one. 

  • If you're enjoying your coffee or snack, you can of course take your face covering off whilst sat at the side with your child.


COVID testing

  • Each team member will undergo twice-weekly Covid rapid-flow tests either at home or at a designated Government site. Should any of the team, their immediate family or support bubble show any symptoms for feel unwell they will immediately book a COVID test at a local test centre and take all required and necessary precautions before running any event. Should a team member test positive for COVID, we'll liaise with all relevant individuals affected and ensure the Government track and trace system is utilised. 

Session length and cleaning break: 

  • Before, during and in between every event our team will be extensively cleaning all toys and equipment. During the the break between events we will disinfect all large surfaces, all toys and any that aren’t easily cleaned. We also have additional sets of toys to swap in for the second session, so if you’re attending session 1, 2 or 3 you can have peace of mind that the city is sparkly clean and safe.

Capacity and space to play: 

  • Following government advice and working with the halls we hire, we have a maximum capacity of 30 adults (under 5's are not included in restrictions). We will work closely with any party hirers to adhere to the rules of any venue hired for their event. 


Babies and non walkers: 
We love and encourage you to bring your babies and non-walkers and there is no additional charge for them. We want Little City to be a space that both younger and older siblings can enjoy.

  • If your little one is cruising/just walking and might like to get down and play, you can book a playing child ticket in addition to their older sibling so they can enjoy! 

Sparkly clean hands and toys:

  • Hand sanitizer will be made available at the entrance and throughout the City. You'll also see additional anti-bac wipes that you are free to use if you wish. 

  • We ask that you and your child(ren) wash your hands before entering the session and regularly throughout the event.

  • If your child ‘mouths’ any of our toys (we appreciate they might like to try the wooden cakes and ice creams!) please place the item in our ‘scrub tub’ when they’re finished playing with it so we can quickly and easily clean and disinfect it ready for other children to play and enjoy.

Lets keep the space for play: 

  • We request that you don’t bring pushchairs or buggy’s into the session and minimise the use of car seats etc to bring babies in so we can maximise the space for play and movement round.

  • If you are bringing a baby into the session please use slings/carriers where possible.

  • If you are walking to your local session, most of our venues have foyers where you can safely leave your pushchair and remove your belongings.

  • We'll ask you to place bags and coats in a specified place and away from others. 

We can physically distance but still be social: 

  • We know and appreciate that little children will not comprehend any guidelines about distancing, and whilst the Government restrictions are relaxing, we ask that people aim to distance at our events as much as possible. 


As always, if you have any concerns or questions during an event please speak to the Little City team member during your session. 

If you have any questions about our procedures in our sessions, please let me know: 07803929151